Message from Chairman, CISS Ltd:

“Up-skilling and re-skilling youth of India is the uppermost task ahead of us. The twin issues of unemployment and non-availability of appropriately skilled human resource is haunting the nation, as it marches on towards becoming a $ 5 Trillion economy in the global market.

Sweeping inequalities in skills, knowledge and empowerment finds India’s Private Security Industry trapped in seeking just value for services rendered. Increasingly, for youth becoming a security guard is his last resort, in absence of a clearly visible assured career progression path.

CISS Academy for Skill Human Development Pvt Ltd endeavours to reduce these inequalities in skills, knowledge, just valuations by creating assured career progression based on skill gradations. It aspires to achieve this lofty goal by imparting online and offline training through carefully curated courses duly certified by Rashtriya Raksha University, an educational institution of national importance.

Wishing it all success!!!”

Message from Executive Vice President

The progressive reforms envisaged in the Wages Code Bill will soon become a reality no sooner the rules get promulgated. The innocuous security guards now become employees and their skill levels will determine their wages. The traditional negative stereotype associated with being a private security guard is all set to change forever.

For past few years, CISS Academy for Skill Human Development Pvt Ltd has relentlessly worked towards correcting the skill skew prevalent in the Private Security industry (PSI) by continuously undertaking skilling, reskilling and upskilling activities, thus enabling better placements and augmenting incomes. School of Internal Security and Police Administration, (SISPA) Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU), in addition to its core academia work has been working for the larger social good of instilling a sense of respectability and dignity to the profession of private security in India.

The association of CISS Skill Academy with SISPA, RASHTRIYA RAKSHA UNIVERSITY for conduct of e-learning courses duly certified by a University of national importance will help transform the PSI landscape and open new areas of collaboration with internal security law enforcers.

Mr Santosh Kushwah, Executive Vice President, CISS Ltd

CISS Academy E-Learning Platform is probably the first of its kind online training facility in India providing top class training and certification courses and short modules for end-to-end skill human resource capacity development for the Private Security Industry in Indian.

CISS Academy promotes knowledge and skill enhancement across the professional learning graph right from the ab-initio inducton and orientation courses for new joinees; to job profile based skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling for the employed professionals; to niche programs for the expert security professionals. The academic program are aligned to standardized QPs and NOSs spanning skill knowledge domains from high school class 8th to post graduaHon level, further valuably accredited and certified by the SISPA (RRU)

  • CISS Academy For Skill Human Development Pvt Ltd established in 2011 is duly accredited training partner with Sector Council Management & Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council (MEPSC) and PSARA, 2005. CISS Skill academy has parHcipated in many skilling projects like RPL under NSDC flagship programs like PMKVY, MoRD (Min Of Rural Development) SGSY (Swarn JayanH Gram Svarojgar Yojna).
  • The School of Internal Security and Police AdministraEon (SISPA) was created in February 2020 with the objective of expanding the ambit of Department of Police Administration to cover various dimensions of internal security.

To this objective, SISPA not only offers various Academic and Research Programs as also creates new learning by facilitating seminars, special lectures coupled with organizing regular interaction with practitioners from all the domains of internal security. RRU has recently been declared an institution of National Importance through a bill promulgated in the Parliament of India.