About Us

CISS Academy is a fully owned subsidiary of CISS Limited, an integrated total security services providing company.

CISS Academy E-learning Portal is the result of an unique affiliation of CISS Academy with The School of Internal Security and Police Administration (SISPA) at RASHTRIYA RAKSHA UNIVERSITY(RRU), Gandhinagar Gujarat.

  • CISS Academy For Skill Human Development Pvt Ltd
  • The School of Internal Security and Police Administration (SISPA)

The academic program are aligned to standardized QPs and NOSs spanning skill knowledge domains from high school class 8th to post graduation level, further valuably accredited and certified by the SISPA (RRU)

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CISS Academy offers skill training for Total Security Solutions based on 360 view of visible & invisible threats lurking in your OrganizaHon.

CISS Academy positions itself as an ambidextrous research driven & risk mitigation security training academy.

CISS Academy co-creates value using best practices.

CISS Academy provides a 3rd party training ecosystem supporting the knowledge and skill delivery of security services & electronic systems.

Deep Research & Specialized Knowledge In Security Sector

CISS Academy offers highly researched and customized security knowledge and skill training program for every market segment. Resources are trained for across segments from educational institutes, military base, cement plants to banks, from Refineries to ATMs, from metro rail Infrastructure projects to corporate offices, from hotels to hospitals etc all.

Most Preferred Security Training Provider

CISS Academy philosophy of crashing costeffective, well deliberated security training solutions and our reliability makes us the most preferred security training service provider with some clients having retained us for over 25- 33 years. Qualified and professional guards, our trained guards are professionally qualified to meet the exacting service needs at your premises.

Deeply customized 360º Security Training Provider

We create a unique training program for your organizaHon based on your organizaHon’s budget and requirements.Qualified and professional faculty; Our highly qualified and knowledgeable trainers and educators meet the exacHng service needs at your premises.

Our Latest Events

Badge Of Honour Award
GEZIA Auditorium , Gandhinagar

MOU between Rastriya Raksha University & CAPSI
RRU Campus , Gandhinagar

Certification Distribution Ceremony


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